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Jeannene founded Ambassador Nutrition Services, LLC, a multi-faceted professional nutrition education company providing services to individuals and professionals throughout greater Magnolia, Tomball, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas and beyond. The focus of her services are to those of communities she has served since 1993 when she graduated The University of Texas Houston Health Science Center with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics and followed the degree with a Certification in Adult Weight Management and Diabetes Education. Aside from one-on-one consults, Jeannene provides in-house support to physician offices and large scale support to corporations and small businesses to ensure their employees have the most current information about nutrition and wellness.

Patients repeatedly indicate that sessions with Jeannene offer them more practical and useful information in 30 minutes than they have received in 10 years.

Ambassador Nutrition Services LLC also has full access to a ZYTO analyzer which is an excellent tool for determining which essential oils are helpful to stabilize the body's systems without the use of, or in addition to medications. Many individuals who want to try a "medication-free" route prefer this type of assessment or analysis.

The company also has specialized nutrition assessment software that can provide everything an individual could possibly expect whether via computer or on their cell phone. Jeannene does an outstanding job of bringing mainstream and holistic nutrition practices together to optimize outcomes for her clients.

She greatly enjoys her time spent in the homes, offices, and community with her patients. For an excellent nutritionist in Waller, TX and beyond, contact Jeannene today!

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